It’s Snow Good

February 27,2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

If your plants and trees could sing, that would be their winter anthem.  Even though you may bemoan the fact that you have to shovel (again!), this year’s record snow falls are a very good thing for your plants and gardens.

It may even wind up saving you a few bucks and a lot of disappointment when you finally do get out there and survey the damage left behind by old man Winter.  That snow is acting as a giant Christmas (or Chanukah) sweater to insulate your backyard, not to mention your water pipes and sewer lines and pretty much anything else you don’t want frozen soild.


Even more than that, spring-time snow — particularly in the Northeast — has long been known as ‘the poor man’s manure’ because of the nitrogen that it carries (just think of that saying the next time your rolling around the white stuff and sticking your tongue out to collect snow flakes).

But that usually refers to the light snow dustings we get in March.

As for the piles and piles of heavy stuff sitting in our backyards … well, that helps, too.

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