Spring Cleanup and Lawn Mowing

April 22,2013

Spring is finally here after a long, cold winter and now it’s time to take a look outside.


Once you look around you may see many things left over from the winter that are both harmful to the newly emerging and awaking plants, or simply don’t look good. It’s the ideal time for your annual spring cleanup and also a great time to start assessing what needs to be done or what goals you may have for this growing season.

Clean out old leaves and organic debris from flower beds.

Clean out old leaves and organic debris from flower beds.


(If you’re looking for a good property maintenance check list, take a peak at our previous blog: https://www.yourparkview.com/mid-winter-thaw/


The heavy snow from this past winter has compacted the soil and collected both organic debris and various pieces of trash that were blown around and matted it down in your lawn, garden bed, gutters, etc.



Removing leaves and other trash from your lawn and garden encourages new growth and allows oxygen to get into the roots. It also helps to loosen the compacted soil and allows for optimal fertilizing when adding nutrients.


Spring cleanups are equally important for preventing future water damage and pest problems, because when left attended those piles of leaves, branches and other debris can cause moisture to be trapped in areas along your home and foundation. They can also become breeding grounds for various insects and leave behind unsightly stains on your deck, patio, driveway, or walkways as the materials begin to break down and decompose.


Out with the old ...

The debris should always be disposed of properly, whether that is being placed in the receptacles, hauled away or deposited in a compost pile.


If you have just purchased a home or moved into an apartment and there is existing damage from long-standing debris then pressure washing (one of the many services we provide at Parkview Landscaping and Home Improvement) is a good start in rectifying the situation.


In addition to beautifying your property, a good spring cleanup helps to properly maintain your home, cuts down on insect and rodent populations, promotes new growth, provides aeration, and can lead the way to other important projects such as mulching, new plantings, painting, and general remodeling.


Now is the time to check out your gutters as well, to ensure they are functioning properly and were not damaged by the freezing and thawing of winter ice. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage and host mosquito larva if water is trapped and stagnate.


Spring has sprung!Now that the growing season is officially underway, that grass is bound to be growing quickly, too.


If you regularly fertilize your lawn and garden, then that grass is growing even quicker and it may be time for the first cut, which is another reason why this is the optimal time for a spring cleaning.






Let those plants breathe!Keeping a well-trimmed lawn has much of the same benefits as having a well-kept garden bed — shorter grass helps beautify your property while cutting down on insect, rodent and snake populations.



Longer grass can lead to ticks and other problematic insects that carry potentially health risks along with just simply being a nuisance.



With the right conditions grass can grow anywhere from from two-to-six inches in a single week, so it can quickly grow out of hand.


If your looking to get the most out of your front and back yards this season, then contact a local professional. Even if you’re only looking for ideas or want to know some prices, most companies, like we here at Parkview, would be happy to chat with you about your spring cleanup, mowing, mulching, or any other project you have going this year.


So get out there and a take a look for yourself …


It's time to bust out those mowers.

It’s time to bust out those mowers.