Spring has finally sprung

April 10,2011

Well, it’s been a long, hard and never-ending winter it seems.  The cold refused to leave, the snow formed mini frozen glaciers along driveways and parking lots (some of which are still holding on until tomorrow anyways).

But finally … spring has decided to grace us with her wonderful presence.

The birds chirping, the warm breezes, plants budding, tulips popping, people are happy — the whole nine.

It’s a time of year to start anew, to reflect upon the past year and the harshness of winter’s icy grip and look upon the next seasons with warmer thoughts (and warmer toes).

However, as the snow caps have receded, we see what we are left with: broken branches, wet leaves, assorted garbage, raging rivers, eroded road sides, dead plants and broken trees.  Like I said, it was a rough winter and it is to be expected after such.

Let's see what we got under there

 But you’ll be amazed at what a few days of sun and mild temperatures will do to the Great Outdoors.  Lawns are already transforming from that matted brown mess into a nice green hue as new growth pokes up through the thatch.

It’s a good time of year to assess. We see what’s left over from old man winter and it leaves us with a blank slate to think about projects and what we want to do with our outdoor living spaces. For whatever reason it just seems easier in the spring.

Maybe it was being cooped up all winter long (especially this one), maybe it’s that sense of starting over, like buying a new home and immediately painting the walls a different color. It’s that pure ambition and drive that spring shoots us up with.

Whatever it is, take advantage of that new-found (and possibly fleeting) sense of appreciation and plan out some new projects and ideas for the back yard this upcoming summer season.  You’re thinking clearly now, plan it out, put it down on paper and then you can carry out the grunt work later.

It can be something as simple as a new planting arrangement or even the decision to create a compost bin or install some benches or a garden in the back yard.

It’s about painting that blank canvas.

Use the time wisely, because spring isn’t always a guarenteed thing here in New York.  It may only last a couple weeks or maybe, not even at all.  We very well may go from mid 40s straight up the the upper 70s and skip spring all together (as in year’s past) which is a shame.

So get out there and rake some leaves (or call me if you really hate that stuff!) and chat with your neighbor about how nice it is outside. Sure, its mindless weather chatter, but it will open up the lines of communications and maybe help spur some new home improvement ideas.

One of the biggest investments we make in our lives is our homes … so why not invest a little time out back along with that mortgage payment this month.


Welcome Back!