Brick patio

February 12,2012

Stone dust foundation


This home in East Greenbush is owned by a nice couple who wanted to expand their outdoor living space. When they bought the house a small deck was attached to the rear of the home with a sliding glass door access way.


Instead of an expensive rehab of the deck (which could have used a little TLC) or adding on to the existing deck, or the even more expensive option of tearing down the deck and starting over from scratch, a brick patio was installed.


As an affordable alternative, a patio provides an outdoor space that

can be seamlessly inter-connected to your existing structures and surrounding landscaping. The sod was cut away in the desired size and shape and then the site was prepared using sand and stone dust, which is machine compacted to provide a durable foundation to lay the patio bricks on.



Compacting the foundation

The other edges are then hand-tampered to ensure the foundation along the outside of the patio does not fail, resulting in bricks falling out of place.


The perimeter is then installed and the bricks are laid starting from the outside towards the house so that cuts will end up on the low-traffic, low-visibility portion of the patio.

Brick Laying

The site is slightly pitched away from the house to keep standing water away and a dip is created on the outermost corner to both drain water and to make a natural entry point with the existing lawn for easy access that can be easily made handicap accessible.



With a mixed pattern of the brick to emulate a cobblestone effect the patio is completed and surrounding landscaping can be incorporated in any desired design to highlight the stone work. Patios are versatile projects because they can be used in a number of ways including a dining area, recreational seating, or even as a location for a hot tub.


Paver Patio