Canadian Hemlock

February 11,2012

Canadian Hemlock- Privacy fence

Using “greenscaping” to make a natural privacy fence.

A row of Canadian Hemlocks behind a pool area make a perfect privacy screening year-round along with other popular evergreens such as Arborvitae. Additional fencing may be installed around such landscaping techniques, making it a popular choice in many backyards.


Such trees are fairly inexpensive compared to other more decorative and specialty trees that can be commonly found in landscapes around the area. Additionally, both Hemlock and Arborvitae grow very well in the Northeast.
Plus they can be easily transported to almost any job site, for quick installation.

As evergreens, they can be appreciated throughout the seasons giving a lush full green all spring, summer and fall, while acquiring that “Christmas tree” look during the winter as snow settles in and covers its branches.


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All photo where taken by Parkview Landscaping and all work was done by Parkview Landscaping.