Fall cleanup, gutter cleaning and pressure washing

October 15,2013

As the season continues to wind down, it’s time to take a look around and clean up what mother nature has left behind before that snow starts flying.


It is much easier (which equals “cheaper”), to have all of your leaves and Fall debris cleaned up and removed this Autumn, as opposed to waiting until they are matted down and half-rotted in the Spring.


Fall cleanups

In addition to the unsightly mess they make, piles of leaves in the Fall can make for a very spotty lawn in the Spring.


Although leaves provide some organic benefits to your lawn and garden, the debris needs to be mulched or composted first.  Otherwise, they will become compacted and kill off large sections of grass throughout your lawn by cutting it off from sunlight, oxygen and water.


Rotting leaves also invite rodents and other unwanted pests onto your property.


As for the home itself, now is an ideal time to get that siding cleaned up as well as the decks and the patios.

pressure washing


Pressure washing can remove many stains on vinyl, wood, and aluminum sidings and prevent mildew and mold buildups that may occur under overhangs and windows.


In addition to actual cleaning, pressure washing allows preventative solvents, soaps and protecting solutions to be applied to siding, decks and patios that prevent future buildups or the growth of molds, mildew and moss.


Pressure washing is fairly inexpensive and will save you costly repairs and replacements in the future and protect one of your biggest investments: Your home, deck or patio.


Fall is also a good time to check and clean your gutter system.


Gutter Cleaning


Clogged downspouts from Fall debris can lead to ineffective gutter systems and water runoff.  If left unchecked, the blockages and water can freeze and cause permanent damage.


Gutter cleaning is recommended after all the leaves have fallen, as well as flushing out the system along with your downspouts to prevent damage and make the gutters more effective and efficient.


Faulty gutters can cause damage to your siding and roof as water and ice blockages can cause quite a bit of damage in a short amount of time. A typical cleaning costs between $50 and $100 and can literally save you thousands of dollars worth of damage.


Regular Fall maintenance is not only essential but very inexpensive when faced with the possible damage that can result from skipping out on such chores. If you do not have the time or simply don’t want to deal with the work, it’s always best to contact one of the many outdoor professionals in your area (like Parkview Landscaping, for example!).


Once those vibrant Fall colors fade away, be sure to schedule your Fall cleanup, gutter cleaning, or pressure washing in the coming weeks before you end up shoveling that snow and facing a bigger (and more expensive) job in the Spring.


Enjoy the rest of fall and feel free to call Parkview Landscaping at 250-9495 for a free estimate!!!

Enjoy the rest of Fall and feel free to call Parkview Landscaping at 250-9495 for a free estimate!!!