Snow removal, plowing and winter projects

November 5,2013

As we turned the clocks back this weekend, many of our thoughts have drifted to the holiday season and the coming months ahead.


This usually includes snow.


snow_removal2014 Whether you love or hate the winter weather, we all have to deal with what mother nature dishes out each year.


It doesn’t matter if you have to do it yourself or you regularly hire a snow removal company, the colder months on the calendar are here.


It is common for commercial businesses to pay for snow plowing but more and more residential business is being seen around the Capital District due to an improved economy, increased population, increased after-hours employment and more 24-hour services being offered in the immediate area.


first_snowWith the first snow fall already hitting some of the area, many are beginning to look around for reliable services during the winter season.


When looking for a good company one should always ask to see proof of insurance and also a reference or two wouldn’t hurt. It may be an additional cost, but the company should offer both chemical and pet-friendly melting agents for sidewalks and driveways after the snow has been cleared.


Parkview Landscaping and Home Improvement has always offered both for its residential and commercial customers.


Winter-time can also be a hazardous time for the elderly and young children alike, who are susceptible to falls and slips in the icy conditions. A snow removal service and seasonal plowing is a great gift for elderly parents or relatives that are in need of clear walkways and driveways — not only for themselves, but for their care-takers and in times of emergency where every second counts.


Salting and sanding your entry and exit points are key to keeping a home safe during bad weather.IMAG1767


If you don’t have the time or energy, it’s a good idea to hire someone reliable to get the job done.


Many companies, like Parkview Landscaping, cater and offer discount rates to the elderly and also offer gift certificates that can be used towards seasonal maintenance if needed.


Local businesses can also benefit from a local, nearby company to keep their parking lots clear and their customers safe during the busy holiday season.


Winter is also a great time to look at some other projects around the house, such as painting, clearing out that junk from the basement, garage or attic, as well as other light remodeling work inside the home. These types of jobs tend to get put off during the busier warmer months.


It may also save you a few bucks to get them done during the colder months.


Many contractors offer discounts and have lower prices during the slower winter months, as competition for individual work increases as opposed to the summer season when many companies are stretched thin and backlogged weeks at a time.


Now is the time to start looking around for snow plowing to lock in a lower seasonal rate, rather then calling someone once it is already snowing and possibly paying a much higher fee.


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