Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday 2013 Promotions

November 30,2013

After a great growing season, Parkview Landscaping and Home Improvement has decided to offer some year-end promotional deals for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to all of our existing customers and potential new ones.



Starting today, we will be adding an additional $5 to EVERY  $25 purchased in gift certificates. That means if you buy a $25 gift card this weekend, you will get $30; if you buy a $50 one, you’ll get $60; for $75 you’ll get a $90 card; $100 will get you $120; etc.

fall cleanup2


And the savings don’t end with the first couple hundred, either.


If you have a big project in mind for next year or over the winter, we will honor this promotion all weekend long until the end of Monday, Dec. 2 (Cyber Monday). So if you purchase $500 worth of gift certificates, that will earn you a $600 gift card, or if you spend $1,000 this weekend, you will receive a $1,200 gift certificate and so on for any denomination.



This program is designed to save you an actual 20% on all future work by purchasing gift certificates in advance this weekend. That means an extra $20 for every $100 spent in purchases.



There are no catches to this program, the only rules that apply are that the gift certificates have to be purchased between today and Monday through a simple e-mail inquiry to, which will be time stamped. Additionally, the Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday gift cards cannot be used toward current outstanding balances or previously rendered estimates.



This promotion can only be used for new estimates and new jobs taken and performed after their purchase.

snow_removal2014In addition to the gift card program, Parkview Landscaping is offering $25 off of its seasonal rates for snow removal and plowing services for this winter. Once again, simply e-mail your inquiry to and we will knock $25 off the entire season, which represents a savings of between 10% and 25% for most residential accounts.



Combined with the gift certificates, this will be the best seasonal rate you will ever see for snow removal. A $300 seasonal rate could be purchased for $275, and that $275 can be purchased in gift cards for a mere $220 this weekend.



That’s a total savings of $80 by taking advantage of these programs today through Cyber Monday and you won’t have to pick up a shovel or a bag of salt this entire winter.



The gift certificates will be valid for one whole year from the date of purchase and also make great gifts for family, friends or anyone else looking for work to be done around the house but are reluctant to hire a contractor or think they can’t afford one.


Feel free to save them and use them for next year, for mowing, spring cleanups, fall cleanups, major projects, or whatever other services we offer.


In addition to the great savings this weekend, Parkview Landscaping will be offering even more discounts on Cyber Monday in conjunction with these deals and will be unveiling a new online payment method in the coming days.


Parkview Landscaping and Home Improvement already accepts all major credit cards, but will be able to process secure online payments using your checking account or with a credit or debit card through Intuit PaymentNetwork (the same safe and secure company that many of you already use such as TurboTax or Quickbooks).


The transactions will be completely secure and encrypted and no personal financial information will be disclosed to us, nor will our own banking information be disclosed to customers. We are excited to be able to offer this cost saving feature (no more stamps or check writing!) to everyone.


Remember to get out there today and patronage your local businesses and help keep some of that money in your own neighborhoods. Thank you in advance from all of us at Parkview Landscaping, and we hope you take advantage of these exciting, limited-time offers.


Purchase your discounted gift cards today by emailing us at to arrange payment options ...

Purchase your discounted gift cards today by emailing us at to arrange payment options …


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