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All those things you always wanted to do outside and all the things (little and big) to improve your outdoor living space and general property appearance and value.

Brick patio

  This home in East Greenbush is owned by a nice couple who wanted to expand their outdoor living space. When they bought the house a small deck was attached to the rear of the home with a sliding glass door access way.   Instead of an... read more

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Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock- Privacy fence

Using "greenscaping" to make a natural privacy fence. A row of Canadian Hemlocks behind a pool area make a perfect privacy screening year-round along with other popular evergreens such as Arborvitae. Additional fencing may be installed around such... read more

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Time to swab the decks!

How to treat your deck

Decks aren't cheap.   No matter what the situation. Whether you're hiring a contractor, doing it yourself, or having your crazy cousin Larry do it for you, you just can't get around it: Decks are expensive. The materials, the fasteners, the tools,... read more

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